Saturday and trip to Germany 

Got up at 04.30, jumped in my clothes and took the car to Geneva airport! 

Horse trying was on the shedual 

My outfit! Finally got to test my JEM L pants at the airport, as “jeans”, felt pretty and happy😃checked out the shops, look at the cute pink scarfAnd these sandals! Wow! I already have white and pink, but these are great! Would be careful using them in the sand of the beach though this horse 😍🐴😍

Had a quick change of planes in Zurich before I reached my destination! 

The first horses I saw i did not like so I did not even try them! 

I tried these 3, 

Here is one 6 years old, very cute and rideable! Not sure he is really my type, but had a incredible canter and was very smooth and easy to ride 

Next one was this chestnut 6 years old, me and him had a bit of a struggle to find each other in the beginning. He was also a bit irretaded  with the rider that showed him to me. But jumped great! So also when I figured out a little what to do, it went really well. And I must say I liked him a lot 

The last horse I tried was this 10 year old stallion! And we really hit it off straight from start! He fit me really good! But I said I was not gonna get a stallion again. So this need to be thought trough a lot! Also he is not a strong blood horse like the once I have, he’s more of a lazy guy, that you have to ride forward! But I can do that also 

Had this cake and a Starbucks before I took the plane to come to in Frankfurt when I got on the plane on our way to Frankfurt the plane had to wait a long time before take off. So we missed the connecting flight to Geneva.

I have to stay here tonight and I really wanted to go home to ❤️Francois❤️ to spend the weekend together, everyday together is the best 😍

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