Sunday and back in 🇨🇭 again 

Woke up early at the hotel and went to the airport Had to wait a while before I got a flight home!

So Francois was super sad that I did not come back last night, not as sad as I was, had to spend the night a lone in the hotel! So when I got a flight home this morning I went straight home and huged him! 

Then the stables! Me and Nike started to build a course! Gonna jump it tomorrow! Just flat work today! 

Today I rode the Giraffe first! And here is my outfit! JEM L pants, Hermes belt and shirt, kep ITALIA helmet She was very relaxed and calm! Or, I ties the reins up and let her run loose a little on the big paddock before I started to ride! So she could blow off some steam, since she was not ridden yesterday! So when I got on she was very calm and relaxed! I worked a lot of side movements and deep shape side movements, straight horse, and also some changing the rythm! We also did part of the course for tomorrow 

Next horse was Alf’i! With Alf I had laid out 3 poles when 14 meters in between, rode 4 strides and did shorter 5 strides to the next pole, and 3 strides first then 4 strides to the third pole, then 3 strides and 5 strides to the 3 pole! This is what Alf and me need to train on, to wash get back after riding forward 

Last horse for me today was Ice Tea! He was VERY VERY fresh! Almost electric! Jumped the line with him a couple of times, and after he was so excited after getting a couple of jumps so I had to work him 30 min after to get him to calm down

Now I am home writing from the sofa together with ❤️Francois❤️ good quiet evening for us! 

1 thought on “Sunday and back in 🇨🇭 again ”

  1. Glad you went home, beside of the kaos.
    It was so Nice to have you here, and we are looking forward to see you again.
    1000 hugs from Julie, cliff and me ❤️

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