Monday and jumping 

Today jumping was on the schedual! The plan of today’s training was for me and the horses to keep our stamina and concentration trough a long course!

Here are me and Calla and my outfit she was really interested in my jacket 

Calla was jumping good and very relaxed! Did not jump any big jumps with her since she’s most likely sold 

Next one was Alf’i! He was really amazing! Not so much more to say about it! Had his “old bit” and bridel on! It felt better now since I have been riding with the rubber one for a while! So now when I had changed back he was easier to regulate back and forward again! So I am gonna do this for a while, dressage and forest on the rubber! Jumping with this oneAfter I had jumped with Alf I worked him 25 min in Trott and canter to get him to relax completely after the jumping! More difficult to get him to relax on a straight line! So need to train that  

Last one to jump was Ice Tea! Before we started he had some cuddles with “his” dog😂😂😂😂😂😂 I had to warm up a long time before he could relax and listen to me! When we started jumping he was amazing! Best training i ever had with him I think 

❤️Francois❤️ watching closely 

Francois was really happy about me and the horses today 

And carrots Niki took care of Jill, Picsou and Duc! 

Me and Francois went to get groceries! LOVE to get groceries together with my love! He is so helpful and always has good suggestions what to get! Sometimes I always end up getting the same week after week! Does that also happen to you? 

We went to the gym in the evening and had dinner at home❤️

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