Wednesday dressage and forestriding 

Got up really early as was determined to do my cardio mouintain walk! But half way down form the Alp we live i felt really sick. Not like me, but I have now twice not been listening to my own body and walked up anyway, and been really sick and had to go down. 

So today I listen and went home to bed instead! 

When I felt better I ate some digestive cookies and some Pepsi and was on my way to the stables! My cure for a sore troth – ben n Jerry’s! And also something I call a sick scarf, haha in Norwegian: Syke skjerfe, it’s something my mom invented when I was little, when I had a troth inflammation she put a scarf on me that I slept with and had on all day, to warm up the troth and sweat it out! For feeling like throwing up, banana, Pepsi and digestive cookies! Possibly croissants also!

First out for me today was Calla! Took her first, she is the easiest to ride dressage on! So soft! Today’s me🙋My KEP helmet 😍Calla and me did first a lot riding forward to activate her hindlegs! She was super, she staid soft in her mouth and worked really well! 

Next one was Alf’i! Haha, when you want to give two horses carrots and keep the Giraffe from running away at the same time as you look for carrots that was lost out of their mouth 😂😂😂back to Alf’i:He had some dressage first in the big paddock with focus on getting him relaxed and deep in the shape! He was surprisingly calm and not spooky for having a day off yesterday! After that Niki and Ice Tea meet up with us and we went for some forest riding I’m so in to combining a jeans jacket with my riding Pants, hottest riding fashion this fall according to me! This jeans jacket is stretchy so it’s easy to move in! 

Me, Alf, Niki and Ice Tea galloped around this field! In the start ice was SOOOO fresh that Niki had problems, at one point I thought she was going to give up! But then she really rode him!!!!! And he gave up and started to listen to her! I have honestly never seen him so good before! WELL DONE NIKI!!⭐

We have the horses some rest and later on I had a short dressage training with Ice Tea! When he has been allowed to do full speed he wants to do it the rest of the day! So to bring him back to the arena and work him low and slow in Trott and gallop was really good for him 

Not much more to write today, i have a lot of headache and was just home the whole afternoon. Or we did a little walk around our house! That’s if 

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