Thursday and Geneva again💑💁 

Early morning meeting in Geneva, and to avoid getting stuck in traffic me and my 👑King❤️ took the train! 

Meetings all good, had time for some morning StarbucksAnd a good lunch my outfit! Yeah I’m useing the same Gucci dress again, nothing wrong with that, the dress is new, in proud of it and it can be reused as many times as I want, so if that bother you I’m sorry, but I’m gonna keep using it! 😍😂😍

Train back again also, I have to say I liked it! Was relaxing and cozy with my Love😍Then HORSE TIME!

Started with Alf’i! He had a hard day yesterday so today was a day with focus on stretching! He was perfect and calm the whole time! I had to work him more on the right side, over bend him to the right to make the left side long! Have you ever thought about that, if you feel that the horse is difficult to bend to the right, that it’s really the muscles on the left side that are tight. Cause when you bend the horse to the right like a banana, he must make his left side long. And that’s why he is resisting, cause the muscles in the left side are short 

Here is Alf getting apples while Niki is walking Ice for me

Me and Ice Tea had the same kind of work as Alf and me. But just a little bit longer. When I want to bend ice tea to the left he can try to get out of it by taking speed and try to run from me opposing dressage on him😂😂😂 but then he has to do the same in walk, until he relax, the trott (slow Trott) and slow gallop! Went good! I just have to stay calm and wait until he gives in and relaxes! Remember if you have a problem with a horse, don’t get irritated, get just more consentrated! The solution is in the nice, calm and happy horse and rider working together in harmony! Sounds like a song 

Last to ride was Calla! She was great! Not much more to say about that 

Btw, took this picture of me with the sunglasses under the helmet, loads of riders do that! I usually don’t, because I get pain in my nose of the up and down of the glasses when I am in motion! Not that it moves to much, but when “that person” attacked me and my nose got broken it became very sensitive! And also how do you guys who ride with sunglasses deal with the fog that comes when you sweat?

Crazy picture of me😂😂😂

2 thoughts on “Thursday and Geneva again💑💁 ”

  1. Interesting question about the sunglasses,
    – the dress is so elegant keep wearing it many times!
    – has this person who harmed and (tried to )destroy you physically but also mentally paid or get sued for her acts?? I mean she needs a psychiatrist if not being done the same….. Just to see how it feels.. I would say.
    Stay strong Eva ; you are made with a gold heart.. it’s obvious

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