Friday and doctors appointment in, guess where?? GENEVA🎀

So Geneva today also! But since it was just a short visit I took the opportunity to wear my JEM L so I could go directly to the stables after! Had off course time for a quick Starbucks before I headed back! Started with Alf’i today also! Jumping the line was on the schedual! Haha! Getting ready to Pose! 

P O S E 💁Alf’i was more loose in his body today than yesterday and jumped the line really well! When I’m gonna jump the gymnastic line many times I don’t jump to much in the warm up, two small verticals and a oxer on 80/1m and 110! Alf was SUPER!

Next was ICE TEA! And I have to say: THANK YOU NIKI! 

Niki had ice Tea in the forest this morning! And some how, SHE!!! NIKI😍💖⭐ have made Ice Tea understand that he must wait for the rider!!!!!!!!! I will make a own post about it! But THANK YOU! He was better than EVER 😃😍😃

The weather is very very changing these days, sun, rain, cloudy, windy, warm, cold! So when it was Callas turn to jump it was a lot of wind. This made her a little “jumpy” so I had to gallop a lot to make her a little tired so she relaxed more! When I do that, I just gallop forward without any demands, I ask her nicely to take her head down and relax, and just keep on round after round utntil she does! Did not take to long today, and when we came to the jumping part she was top! 

Double❤️FRANCOIS❤️ bracelets on my hands today

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