Monday and back in the mouintain 🏃‍♀️

Stables first today! Started with riding dressage on Alf’i!

Fun fact, Alf’i does not like sour apples. Look at his face here after I have made a attempt of feeding him one 

Normally I would not do any hard training of dressage today since the guys jumped yesterday. But I am going to Danmark this week so the horses will have it easy when I am there! 

So dressage today and some poles! My favorite pole exercise for the moment is 3 poles with 14 m in between! And my favorite is to ride forward on the two first and add one or two stride to the two last poles. So like 3 and 5

Alf was super today! And here you see my outfit! Armani long sleeved tshirt, and my JEM ONE SEEM pants  

Next horse was Duc! He did some transitions and also some bending of his body! He was very good! Happy with him! And he is so happy to work again! You can see clearly on the pictures I ask him, and when he does it I realease the pressure 

Then Ice Tea time! He was also very good today! He has gotten so much better after Niki came! Because with her he can not run of like he does with me in the woods! She is strong and he listens to her! That’s Great! And it makes it easier for me to ride him also! 

Last one was Calla! I jumped her a little since I did not so it yesterday! But it started really to rain, so we did not do so much! 

Check out Duc and Picsou! I put loads of apples and carrots outside their box so they went looking for it! Duc has ice on his legs! 

Went to get groceries and then did my cardio mouintain! 

I came home and nobody was home, the weather was not good, really raining! But after ca 5min ❤️Francois❤️ came in the door! He had walked to town and then to the gym! WOW! Inspirational 😍

The rest of the evening we are going to spend at home 😃

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