Tuesday and mental coach 

Woke up at 05.45 and did my cardio mountain! Was down at 08.22 and went to Lausanne to get some stuff at the tailor! 
Then to the Geneva airport to pick up Rasmus my mental coach!
Since I was attacked by hilda I have some issues and also concentration problems! 

Rasmus helps me to get better! And it can be irritating for Francois when he ask me to do something and I forget it two seconds after. So Rasmus helps us also to get a even better relation 
When that was done, took all day Rasmus went back, and I headed to the stables!

Started with dressage on Alf’i! He was good and relaxed from the start today! Did a lot of changing of the rhythm! Got it perfect in trott, still need to work on the gallop!

Next was Duc! Such a good boy! What can I say! He had the same work as Alf’i! 

Then Ice Tea, he had already had a hard interval session with Niki! So when it was time for me to ride him in the evening I mostly focused on the stretching out his muscles!

Last one was Calla, she is the nice’est to ride! Most soft in the sides and light in the mouth! But somehow we don’t have the good chemistry, and that’s why she’s is most likely sold. I only have 6 jumping horses, and for me it’s very important that we all are best friends. But me and Calla are not! I have been trying to be best friends with her for two years, and now we have decided just to be friends and getting her a new home with a new person that she want to be best friends with 

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