Wednesday: Up before the rooster and to the airport 

Went to Danmark today! Since the loss of Svend I had some obligation to get done in Danmark 
you that follows my blog knows that when I had no money and had to move out of my apartment and live in the truck, I could keep my furnitures at Svends farm! So now the stuff that’s intact will be given away and the rest will be trown away! 

Classica and Doctor Classic has been living at the vet where Svend went to pick them up when he sadly passed away. 

Handsome boy! Was borne in June! I think he looks big and strong 

I mean! HANDSOME!!!!

So now when the season has changed and the weather is getting colder, and the vet needs her boxes to get her foals in their own boxes there is now space for Classica and Doc. 
So bills had to be settled and the horses needed to get new homes. 
This is the first time I meet Doc! He is really cute! But he really feels like he is the boss there, he only goes together with his mom and was a bit, hmmm.. 🤔playful with me😂

Anton, and happy, two of the  vet’s dogs 

After that I went to Svend’s farm and house and meet his daughter. We catch up, and talked about funny and nice things about Svend! 

Finished the evening with seeing my best friend Trine at work, she works part time at a bar! Check it out

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