Thursday in my old home town: Nørre Snede

How empty it was without Svend. But Trine is doing a amazing job taking care of the remaining horses and the farm! 
Me,Trine and her father took the horses out together, and then Trine drove her father to the airport and I mucked out the stables!

When that was done and Trine came back I organized some of my things that was left behind there and took the things I wanted to bring back to Switzerland!
After that Trine rode her horse Citrine by Indoctro, and I went with her to film and take some photos 
Here Citrine is saying Hello to Viggo! Trine’s old superstar showjumper that she won the Norwegian championship in team jumping with! 

Check this crew 

Then it was time for some checking out the shops and lunch in Herning! 

We did some shopping and was going to eat at our favorite Jensen’s Bøffhus. But at Jensen’s they had totally changed the Menu, so we was so disappointed that we headed to another restaurant to have nachos! 

We finished the day with a lovely dinner with Svend’s family 

The dog 😍 Danish/Swedish farm dog 

1 thought on “Thursday in my old home town: Nørre Snede”

  1. Interesting and nice to see places and people you ve been before/. Ofc I understand the missing and how awkward it could be without Svend though.

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