FRIDAY, from Jylland to Sjælland

Me and Trine took the stables together! Here in Danmark the horses goes outside from morning to evening in big grass fields 

So first we put the horses out, then we muck out and make the boxes ready for evening! With food and water inside 

Then we drove many times back and forward to the trash place with my old furnishers to the trash place. 

I gave away the furnishers that was not eaten partly by mouses, but the once that was eaten I took to the trash place! 
Then Trine was going to exercise Citrine! With “my” JEM L riding pants, and I took some pictures of them! 

Really beautiful! 
We had a nice typical Danish lunch with “leverpostei”, red salami and havarti cheese! And some tv! 

Yeah and some candy! Candy from Norway though! That trine brought from Norway to give as a present for me! 

Before I had to go to Sjælland me and Trine took her 3 dogs to the dog forest!

Then I drove from my old home Jylland, where I have lived in Flausenskjold when I worked at Alfarvad, when they had their farm at Bogeskovhale, and Lemvig and last at Nørre Snede. To the new home of my horses in the island of Copenhagen! 
My new friends Sherly and her family greeted me and I got a really AMAZING meal! Thank you Sherly

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