Saturday and on my way ❤️HOME❤️ to my AMAZING MAN ❤️FRANCOIS❤️

Woke up in this really cool bed that Sherly and her family made them selfs! It’s really really comfy with a big THICK madras!
Before I left for the airport we had time to do some horse cuddles!

Since Doc, the foal of me, Francois, Classica and Indictro had not been there so long he was not so cocky as he was in Jylland! I could touch and cuddle him without him trying to start a boxing fight with me😂😂😂 

Sherly doing some training with him! 

I also got to meet Sheryl’s own horses and her amazing foal! Also my other BFF Tina’s young mare Elvita Z. 

Haha, I gave her a little make over! I hope she does not get angry when I send her the pictures! 

Then off to the airport! Got one of my favorite cakes at Starbucks! Seriously need to go on a detox after this 😂

I fly first from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf. When I got there I got the news that air berlin is bankrupt and that my flight to Geneva is canceled. And my bag is no where to be found.

So I had to get a new ticket with another company and fly to Munchen and then to Geneva 

When I finally arrived back in Suisse the amazing Suisse people at the lost and found at Geneva airport told me they are going to find my bag!

Headed directly to the stables to give Calla, and Duc a little jog! 

Ice and Alf had already been in the forest together with Niki and Alex!  Dressage with the Giraffe Jumper! She was on her best behavior! No wild after having some easy days! Happy about that! 

Duc and me, and here’s my outfit! Armani long sleeved t-shirt and CT pants, Louis Vuitton belt, KEP ITALIA helmet 

Duc was actually a little more fresh, and felt that it was not necessary to be bend on circles and go straight on straight lines! He wanted to practice his speed! 😂 but, a couple of transitions followed by a carrot revord made him change his mind!

Now I am home with my 👑KING ❤️FRANCOIS❤️

Oh, almost forgot to show you this that I bought in danmark! The yellow over reach boots are for forest riding 

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