Sunday and swallow a cactus ??

Think I have the flue..  feels like I swallow a cactus. My body is heavy and I have fever. 

But when we had some sun I took the opportunity to go jogging with Francois❤️ 

And then the stables!

Francois had picked this up at the post for me! Protectors for the guys to have in the paddock/field! And a new acavallo pad! Also the protective saddle thing, that I want to use to not get a brown ass when I ride at the show with my white pants

First Alf’i! Thank G that he was a calm good boy today, no energy to ride each horse one hour to get them going good. Can’t say I did a super job with him today, I was mostly exercising him. I could have gone in the forest, but thought it was saver to stay in the big pad since I don’t feel well! Even though the temperature is not so high anymore, I’m sweating and could use my fav Gucci tshirt’ 

Then Duc time! Same for him, I rode him around the pad, trying to avoid swallowing, cause it hurts! He was really really good and made it easy for me! Niki forced the jacket on me! Since is apparently not that warm, to avoid me getting more sick Ice Tea time when Duc was finished eating apples! Ice Tea was a dream to ride! Niki is doing a GREAT job with him, so I did not have to ride him so long

One more horse left, Calla! Did my best to work her! She was very nice! Felt I was like not really riding but more like sitting on the horse! Thank you Calli for being a good easy Giraffe Jumper two days in a row. 

Me and Calli walking back to the stables with the left over apples! She’s grumpy since she did not get it all! She got 5 though.. thoght it was enough 

Easy solution for dinner tonight what’s better than to be curled up on the coach in front of the tv with the one you love 😍

2 thoughts on “Sunday and swallow a cactus ??”

  1. Do you find that giving a lot of apples to horses is bad ? Because they are too acidic? I am just wondering because I have always been told that and would love to hear someone else’s view / perspective on that !

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