Sunday, show and heading home❤️

Early morning today also! 

It was only a 135 and the Grand Prix today. I could jump two horses in 135 so i choose Alf and Ice! Circumstances had made it so I did not ride the Grand Prix qualification, so no GP, but would have passed it anyway since the horses does not feel 100%

I was first with Alf, it was the same today, distances felt long and he has the thing on the booth sides of the shoulders today. He jumped good, but not stretching his canter. Two down 

Niki had tacked on Ice, and I looked at the startlist that I would have time to plait him, so I did Duc was sleeping, seemed okey with one day off from the show

Had a good round with Ice Today. Although he does not “over power” like he usually does! Probably still a bit beat in his body! I went a little against the clock and should have hold him more together and calm to the last jumps. So two down also here. 

I have to give a gold star to Niki who had worked very good at the show! 

Now we are packing up and soon ready to head home! 

We have bought kick bads and are going to bandage the whole hindlegs of Ice Tea with cotton and put vet wrap over! So fingers kross that he gets safe home!

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