Hei guys! Went for my mouintain walk this morning before I went to the stables! 

Nike has Monday and Tuesday off this week! 

Anyway! I rode Picsou!!!! Was not long, leaded him 20 min before, trotted 5 min and leaded him 20 min again! Happy to be back on him again!!! Was first a little bit inside, and went outside when I figured out that he was calm and nice today! 

And here you see my outfit! 

Then it was the Giraffe Jumper Cal! 

She was a good Giraffe! 

Little grumpy about the shower though 

Next one was Ice Tea! He feels really good in his body now! Although the skin is a bit broken, he moves well! Most low and relaxed work for him in a low shape today!  

I forgot to tell you guys yesterday, but Alf’i gets pain in his shoulder because of the saddle, so it’s only going to be longing until the weekend, and he had to get some medication to take the inflammation  away! I need to work on finding a new saddle! Loads of time for walking and grass eating today! 

Duc had a ride in the forest! He was so happy, haha! Quite strong! But okey! He’s perfect! 

Me and Francois went a quickie to Geneva! Look at the light today! No filter!!!

In the evening i went to the gym with my love❤️Francois 

2 thoughts on “Tuesday and RIDING 💖PICSOU AGAIN😍🐴”

  1. Wonderful swiss sky , jeez! :))

    So good to hear that the problem is found concerning Alfi, (the saddle hurting the shoulder)
    At least when the problem is found, solution can be found also hopefully
    hope he’s doing better very soon ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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