Thursday, cardio, riding and Lausanne 

Started the day with my mouintain walk! Meet the train on my way up check out the calories i burned! 

Went straight to the stables after! Started with going for a walk with Alf’i! And longin him a bit! I am wearing my JEM pants in black! What do you think? And what do you think about the Gucci jacket?

Next horse was Duc! He had dressage today! Had a lot of work cause he was really strong today.. running a bit. So I gave him 10 000 transitions walk Trott walk Trott. I think that is more effective than walk stop walk stop. Since some horses don’t like to stand still! He got the message and became good quite quick! When I was finished to ride Niki came out with Calla and took Duc with her back to the stables! Armani long sleeved t-shirt, Hermes bit belt and my JEM pants in black!! PLEASE COMMETN WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! PLEASE 😇

Niki and Duc on the way back to the stables! 

Niki rode Ice Tea today, they went in the forest and he was a good boy! La Nik is the big boss of the La Ice Tea! 😂mohaha, he can’t run away with her 😉

Me and Francois went to Lausanne for meetings and had a good time in Town after! 

I’m wearing my Christian Dior Peyton coat and Gucci shoes, dress and hanbag!
Btw, I know I’m like totally a Chanel/Gucci girl at lest when it comes to clothes! But the designer of Dior now has really got my attention! Also thanks to this video! When me and Francois saw it we both thought omg! That’s us!! We both do everyting for each other! Such a passion, see the video https://youtu.be/h4s0llOpKrU

Btw, currently checking out all vintage fashion shops for this top! Anyone knows of one? Authentic off course! 

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