Friday, FRIYAY! 

Was set on going to my cardio mouintain early this morning! But when I woke up at 06.00 I heard the rain. And then it was Francois, so warm and cozy to stay in bed. So I didnt go. 

I still wanted to work out around 08.00 so I went for a 7 km run, it was still raining a bit. I am happy that I did it anyway! 

Had some errends to run before I could go riding! I have the ferrari today even though I had to buy horse food😂😂😂 Francois had to go and put a new battery in the Mercedes!

Here you see the second color of the model JEM ONE SEEM

PLEASE COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK? What color is coolest? 

JEM ONE SEEM navy/blue or JEM ONE SEEM black/pink

Rode that Giraffe Jumper first, we went for some forest riding! Mostly moderate speed 😉

Next one was a walk and some longing with Alf’i! He behaved well and yeah, shoulder pain is gone, so riding tomorrow! 

Niki came out with Duc and took Alf’i back 

Duc had dressage and he was great! Did a lot of side movements and concentrated on keeping him straight in especially canter! He likes to his “butt” in to the left next one was Picsou! He suddenly did not feel 100% so to rule out that it was the saddle I rode with a bareback saddle today leded him for 20 min before I got on for 6 min trotting 

He still did not feel 100% fresh! So it has nothing to do with my jumping saddles 

The barback saddle was really wonderful 

Last one was Ice Tea! He had dressage and flat work! 

Did a lot jump a cavaletti with a big gallop forward and really work him active around on a circle, and when he got hot I did walk, and then worked him in Trott to he was relaxed again! In the evening, gym and dinner at home 

15 thoughts on “Friday, FRIYAY! ”

  1. Favorite pants: definitely the Blue one. This on the photos is really classy!
    but blue is my fav color overall so ofc i prefer that..
    What was Picsou’s problem , why has he been stopped and not trained for a long time? Sorry if you have already said that i missed it in this case.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for answering yes i read for the operation but maybe u don’t want to say in detail for what? In this case I respect that!.
        bad luck the fall😔 hope he is better Soon.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your bareback pad. Which brand/make is it? did you ordr online?
    I really like the blue breeches. Blue is my favourite colour. I will definately buy them.

    Liked by 1 person

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