Monday, truck training and fixing!

Woke up to this! Luckily it was manly our mouintain that is snowed down! When I went down direction the stables I was greeted with better weather! Kicked of the moneday with cardio mouintain! 900 kcal today!!

Then off to the chestnuts and Calla! Started my day with some forest riding with Alf’i, I had Alf and Niki had Ice Tea we did a long train ride over the highway and under where the train goes, to come to a super please where we can gallop a lot!Ice Tea got really hot but Niki had no problem of holding him! Alf behaved very well!

I also rode Ice Tea a little dressage when we came back! Just to get him to be low and loose! My outfit! JEM pants in navy color, burberry long sleeved t-shirt, Hermes belt

It was also dressage for Duc!

We had truck trainig with Ice Tea today! Since it went so good this weekend Francois came with the brilliant idea to put Duc also up and go for a drive! Before we would go to the truck reparation! Francois and Duc searching for carrots 

After this we went to put the truck at a garage for reparation😃

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