Tuesday and a day off of the chestnuts🐴

Stared my morning with a 11000 meter, 11km run in the area of where the horses are! Niki had the day of and I wanted to be there in the morning so I could check on them! 

Also meet these guys! This lovely lady has 3 sport shops in the village me and ❤️Francois live in! Her horse name is Olivers

Other than checking on the horses today I had loads of errands, insurance because of the brake in that was made against my truck. And loads of stuff with the production of my pants collection. 

I also had loads of errands to take care of in Geneva, also for Francois! we have some stuff at one place, but I also had to do my errands and his errands even though it is on opposite side of town! I actually don’t mind at all! I love to help ❤️Francois and I enjoy Geneva!

Gucci dress and shoes, Hermes bag
I even brought Niki with me, she had some shopping to do! We first had a lovely lunch together at the Beau RivageAfter Lunch we went opposite ways I did my errands and Niki did some shopping 

I actually did some shopping myself also! Gucci socks and a present for ❤️Francois😉

When we both had done our “to do list” we meet at Starbucks for some dessert! 

When I came home me and ❤️Francois❤️ went to the gym

A little sneak peak from shopping this summer! Don’t think I have showed you before Here is some of it, belt and bracelet! 

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