Saturday, 🛍SHOPPIG and GOURMET DINNER with my ❤️LOVE 💑

So me and my 👑King ❤️Francois woke up and had protein pancakes as we always have in the weekends!

Then I went riding! Forest riding for Duc and Alf was on the schedual for me! Ice Tea and Calla also had forest riding, but Niki rode them! 

Here’s me and Duc! I’m wearing a glittertop from Maxmara and my JEM ridingpants in Bordeaux, Chanel belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti passion bootsme and Duc did a looong ride with low speed, just focused a lot on getting him to push with the hindlegs and stay light in front even though he would become tired 

Niki and Alf came to meet us on the way back and we switch horses! She took Duc and I took Alf’i ! 

I did excactly the same ride with Alf’i, but the only difference was that with Duc I had to focus on him staying light, and on Alf I had to focus on getting him relaxed!

Jumped of like I always do and walked him back to the stables! 
Noseband off to be able to eat some grass on the way home!

The bling 💎💎💎If you are not in to fashion you should probably stop reading now😉

Went home, quick shower and went to Geneva with ❤️Francois! He had wanted to take me shopping ever since my truck got broken in to and today it was on the schedual! 

We had planed the WHOLE DAY! First start with Bongenie! It’s a Suisse store like Bergdolfs, that they have loads of brands in the same big department store! 

I tried these Chanel shoes, loved them but did not love them! So kept looking! Tried some amazing dresses, but did not really something I felt I really needed! 

After loads of dress trying and looking at bags, we had lunch in the sun! Think it’s my favorite spaghetti now, with pesto! Before it was spaghetti bolognese

Next on the list was Dior, I did not find any chlothes there today, but found loads of sunglasses, like 3 models I REALLY LIKED! Since I already have so many sunglasses I though getting one pair would be enough, this pair is the Dior Split, Francois has the silver-blue, I wear on this picture the gold-pink Beautiful display at Dior 

Happy! Found something BEAUTIFUL that I got😃THANK YOU 😍Francois was really happy about it also! Such a good choice! We looked at a lot of different once, but both agreed that this is totally me! 💁🛍🎀

Next stop was Chanel! The ready to wear is beautiful this season, I mean it’s always beautiful, but this seasons it has some items that suits my style!Been thinking about this glitter long boots ever since I saw them live on the Chanel fashion show! And also in the window at Chanel! Beautiful details on the buttons, have similar on the black pullover

So back to the boots, after to admire them for a while now I finally tried them! Here with my Gucci dress by Alessandro Michele, Louis Vuitton Scarf, wolford stockings!  
Tried also this dress from Chanel, think it goes better with the boots then the Gucci dress!same dress with just a wide belt on! Totally different outfit! The power of accessories!

I also tried this outfit, it is beautiful but I love colors! So I let it stay in the store and let some other lucky person pick it up! About the boots, ❤️Francois convinced me to get them, but the size was not perfect so my SA (sales agent) at Chanel would try to get them for me for next week

It had gone hours and hours, haha, good thing that this shop has very comfortable coaches and serves everyting from diet Coca Cola, fresh pressed orange juice and Champaign! So this is what we found at Gucci! I was actually just interested in the shirt/blouse, but since I am wearing a dress today I needed a skirt to try the shirt with! It was so perfect we just got the both of them 

I went down to the car and put the purchases in the car before me and Francois had a walk in town 
Chilling out on the bench by the lake, taking selfies😍😂❤️

Had a nice walk in town together before we went to dinner!MY 👑KING❤️
We had booked a table of the fantastic Indian restaurant of the Mandarin Orientali have not eaten much Indian food before, but already from the first little taste it was soooo good! I mean look at this! Healthy food prepaird in the best possible way!We really had a incredible evening, where we talked and laughs the whole evening! dessert 😋

Well home I unboxed the new Dior treasure! And yeah, I got the Dior split sunglasses! It was a hard choice, but the fact that me and Francois would have the same once to match was favorable! And yes, say HELLO to my new LADY DIOR in hot Pink! 

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