Sunday and training before training 😃

Started the day with my cardio mountain! Weather is amazing! Here is the beginning of the walk! Pretty steep! 

This house is just before the train down, LOVE the decorations!

Went to the stables and did one of my new favorite things for the moment, giving carrots to theses small guys!

Today all the horses had dressage on the schedule, and I started with Duc! My outfit, Gucci, and my JEM pants in navy, Kep helmet and Parlanti Passion boots 

So Duc first! Worked on poles to shorten and collect the canter, and also extend it! He has I not been jumping since the show, and was so happy about the small poles that he actually jumped them! He was a little hot today I must say, but I am happy with it! 

Niki came out with Alf’i and we changed the horses! Alf’i had the same work as Duc, and was really nice! Still need to work on keeping him more collected in his body, that he stays in the correct shape between the poles and does not raise his head to much!

Same with Ice Tea! He was really light in the mouth, so Niki did a good job with him yesterday!  

Still need to work on keeping him active and relaxed between the poles, he can get hot and “stiff”/strong! But I have to say it went really good today! Carrots for Ice Tea 

Then the Giraffe Jumper! She did the exercise easy, she staid in her shape and took 4-5-6-7 strides between the poles! Big star for her today! 

Good girl Giraffe 

Gym with my ❤️Love and Dinner at home tonight 

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