Monday morning and a run in the neighborhood of our home! 

And then to the airport to pick up Sylve! Sylve is the former Chef d Equipe of Sweden, then Norway and Sweden again! HE IS A AMAZIG TRAINER AND HAS GOT CHAMPIONSHIP MEDALS IN EVERY CHAMPIONSHIP HE HAS PARTICIPATED IN!!!

Sooo LUCKY to have him as my trainer! I had him in school when I was studying to become a riding trainer, and I got also a scholar ship to be a student at Strömsholm for one year and then he was also my trainer!

We started with building some jumps and then I took Ice Tea first! 

My outfit! Me and Ice dressed in Pink! JEM ONE SEEM pants black/pink and pink Armani tshirt 

We mostly had flat work in the lesson today, and Sylve was really happy with how far Ice Tea has come and how much better he is from last time he saw him! We jumped a lot on circles in really collected canter! 

Next one was Alf’i! First time Alf and Sylve meet! I told you yesterday that I must work on getting Alf more in the shape, and today I got it hard from Sylve. I had to be 100% harder and more consequent with Alf than I have been. It was hard for me and hard for Alf! The jumping part of the training went good, but I am far from Sylve’s goal when it comes to the flatwork of Alf. Alf got really stressed when I changed the riding on him. Hoping it will go better tomorrow

Then Duc! Sylve really likes Duc, and it goes always very very good when we train together! So did the same training with Duc as we did with Ice Tea, except Duc did not have to do so much, because me and him managed to get it quite good on the first try😍🐴💖⭐

Good boy Duc 😍

Francois was really happy with the training 😍

In the evening we went to have dinner together and I had my new fav dish! The spaghetti with pesto, tomato and mozarella! Seriously try it!!! You will LOVE it!

Had a 6000 m run before bed 

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