Tuesday, more training🐴🐴🐴, shopping🛍💁 and cardio🏃‍♀️

We started early this morning, first horse Ice Tea! I am wearing JEM pants in black, Christian Dior belt, Dior longsleeved t-shirt and a cavalleria Toscana jacket 

Hard core training today also! It was a course of Trott jumping, galloping to a oxer, Trott jumping a vertical, 3 short strides to a vertical and 3 short stride to a oxer, back to Trott, Trott jump the gate, keep canter to a plank, make a turn back to the 3 combination that was really short, vertical, two short oxer

Next one was Alf. He was already quite tense when we started to ride! Like twenty min in to the training I had to stop and ask Sylve if it was really good to ride him like this, it did not feel right! Sylve explained me how and why I had to make Alf accept this trainig, and it all makes sense! He had to take the leg better and stay in the shape and learn to relax there! It will be a lot for both me and Alf to get, but we will work and get a little better every day! He jumped good as always! But it was hard for me to ride him like that! I am very grateful for the training of Sylve and I will try to be better next time! 

Last one was Duc, as yesterday he was very good! He did all the exercises very good, or he was a little confused the first times he had to Trott jump since I don’t do that so often! But it went really good! 

Francois was really happy with the training and the results it gave, also that I got some goals to keep working towards 

Calla was out in the paddock, wanted to do a little session with her also, but suddenly it was no time, so Niki rode her in the forest! 

I took Sylve to the airport and went to down town Geneva, I had a fitting appointment at Gucci and the boots from Chanel had arrived 

I went to Chanel first, the boots fitted perfect! I also tried this sweater, but not sure! Haha must think about it! 

Dressing room at Chanel! 

The buttons! So beautiful 

After the fitting i had some Starbucks!

Check the outfit! My JEM riding pants, pink Chanel lofers, Dior bag, pink Gucci 

Before I went home I did my cardio mouintain!

Dinner at home, packing out my new boots and trying them worn different outfits! Thank you ❤️Francois❤️ 

Cool but is this outfit me? 

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, more training🐴🐴🐴, shopping🛍💁 and cardio🏃‍♀️”

  1. O yeas I like it alot 👌supercool 😀
    Nu ska jag beställa ett par ridbyxor av dig. Om jag är en svensk st 38 blir M bra då tror du?


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