Wednesday and a calm day for the horses 

Went directly to the stables this morning, Niki had the day off so I needed to be “hands on”

When I came to the stables Duc was outsideso I took care of Jill and then took Picsou for a walk! 

Then I rode some light dressage on Alf’i! I still wante to keep the team from yesterday’s training. It went quite good I must say. Just hope I was accurate enough!
My outfit: JEM pants in Navy, Gucci sweater and belt, parlanti passion boots and kep ITALIA helmet 

Check out the belt, it has tigers on! I think it is so fun! Like a classic Gucci with some tiger and flower print on! Thoughts? And Check out the beautiful Pro Horse logo, discret and stylish 

Next one was Calla! She had forest riding with me today! Even though we was in the forest I worked a lot on getting the suspension to be better! She was actually easier to get small quick steps outside than in the paddock! Good girl!

Me and Ice Tea went for a hand walk, he had really worked hard the two days, and we jumped him a lot! So some recuperation time was well deserved for him! Haha! Ice Tea getting the Ice Vibe on his feet before his walk! He’s waiting nicely next to the freezer while I put them on!

Duc also had handwalking 

Btw, I always put Hof fat on before and after riding! If the horses has dry hoofs or some kind of hoof problem I use normal black fat for riding and some special hoof cream after! Like Picsou, he always gets the white cream after 

And I always put the baby sink cream in the horses mouth after riding! 
In the evening I run 10 000 m and went to the Gym with Francois!

Ps; Joke, if you read this! Please send me your address so I can send you JEM L pants! 

Ps everybody! JEM L pants are available forsale now! Size: XS S M and L! Web shop is not ready so please email me:


To order! I will then send you a email with where to transfer money, when I have received the money I will send the pants! Mark the email with JEM L and your Size!

Remember to write your full address you can use them for anything 

3 thoughts on “Wednesday and a calm day for the horses ”

  1. Ofcourse I read this Eva!
    It’s my relaxing moment when I come home from work😊 Reading your blog. But now my heart is melting by reading this.
    Wish there were more people like you, your heart is just on the right place. For your horses, Francois, friends. Hope I can come to Swiss next year and then we drink that strarbucks 😘


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