Thursday and travels🇨🇭🇳🇴

Woke up really early this morning! My mother is going to celebrate her 70 year old birthday this weekend and I am going to the party! Although is not her real birthday I am happy to go there and help out! 

So before I was going to the airport I wanted to ride Duc, Alf and Calla!

First one was Duc, and here is my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM navy/blue, burberry long sleeve tshirt, Louis Vuitton belt, parlanti passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet You get a GREAT bootie in this pants!Me and Duc admiring the Ferrari GTO 

we rode on the cow field and had a lot of tempo training, one round quick, one round slow! 

Niki came over with Alf’i and we changed the horses! Alf’i had the same trainig as Duc! He was a good boy! Felt a little chili so it was very nice of Niki and Alf’i to bring my jacket out!

Last one was dressage with the Giraffe Jumper! It went really good! Seems like she rememberd the training we did yesterday in the forest! About galloping short quick steps! Very good Cali! 

Went home and cuddles with Francois before I had to go! 

We took some nice pictures of us with the Ferrari GTO outside our home, Chalet My Ladi, before I had to go to the airport! Wearing my new shoes and bag! How do you like my outfit with the glitter Chanel boots? ❤️Francois ALWAYS LOOKS PERFECT! -according to me😍

Had time to look around a little in Geneva Airport! Beautiful horse’i display from Hermes Armani are also making hot pink bags this season 

Flying to Oslo! 

When I arrived in Oslo I had almost 3 hours of waiting before my flight to Harsta Narvik Lufthavn Evenes! Hahaha, longest name on airport ever!!

Anyway, when I came to Oslo one of my BFF Tina came to meet me and we had some Peppes Pizza! 

She has also got glitter shoes from Guess!! She was matching with a Guess bag! Looked beautiful 

I took the bus from the airport to Narvik, the city I was born in and where my parents live! My daddy, PappaBEST, daddyCool picked me up at the bus! Daddy with SnuffiPJ pic with Bamse, ps, DKNY pj’s

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