Saturday in Reinveien 9 👨‍👩‍👧

My breakfast! Haha, woke up before my parents so I took the opportunity to have some cake for breakfast😋 and those special berries “MOLTE” I think they only grow in the north of Norway and nort of Sweden! Sooooo Goooood!!!morning cuddles with Pappa best and Bamse 😍💖

After breakfast I went for a run together with Snuffi we also went to the grocery store and got two Norwegian goodiesme and my mom went shopping! We got a present for Francois, that I am going to give to him and not say anything, and we will see how long time it takes before he finds out he got it😉 I got a top + a jacket for training! I like the Norwegian brands training clothes like Norrøna and Kari Traa, it’s a little difficult to get in Switzerland so when I am here I take the chance to stock up!We also checked out something’s I would wishe for Christmas! Haha, but my mom and dad has figured out how to shop on the Gucci web site! So might be something Italian!

Took his picture today of the “freds monument” means Pece monument! The weather is as good today as yesterday! The temprature is getting colder so they probably have to turn of the fontena water of soon, before it freeze to much! 
Then we went to get some Diplom Soft Ice! If you eat soft ice cream in other countries it can not be compared with this!! It is not even the same! So if you ever go to Norway as at like Narvesen for a Diplom or Henning Olsen Soft Ice! I guarantee you will LOVE IT!!!! I take chocolat topping, while my mother take sour strawberry! 

When we got home I took Snuffi with me for a looong walk up to the second highest ski lift! My parents live in a ski resort! Haha, me and Francois also live in a ski resort, and I grew up in the mouintain, basically or house is on the ski pist! When we got higher up it was snow❄️ loads of pictures so you can see the beautiful nature of Narvik

The evening is spend at home, with a AMAZING DINNER, a delicates made by Pappa BEST, “Stekt kveite”followed by TV family coze, under a blanket together with the furry friends 

And the classic evening dog walk in my PJ’s and my grandmothers loffers that I inherited if you look at the cars parked on the street you will understand how cold it is❄️ we are in the Nothern Light land 

6 thoughts on “Saturday in Reinveien 9 👨‍👩‍👧”

  1. So nice blogpost!

    Iam currently in Norway too , (im swedish but work right now in NO) og ja det begynner å bli kaldt (kallt) nå, men jeg er i fjellen og! (Hoppas jag skrev inte alltför fel nu , beklagar isåfall, älskar norska !) Och norrmännen är för det mesta så trevliga
    iallafall, roligt inlägg att läsa!
    Fint i Narvik, är inte så långt upp i Norr, men i fjällen iallafall 🙂

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