Sunday, Norway🇳🇴 and home to Switzerland🇨🇭 and my 👑KING❤️

Early morning breakfast with my parents, and look at these guys, sad that I’m leaving them my father drow me to be Airport 😍💖he even gave me some money for snack to have on the tripplane ready to go, I flew first to Oslo, then to Copenhagen and then to Genevain Copenhagen I had time to do some shopping at Hermes and for some StarbucksBefore I went home to my darling I went to the stables. I had to ride Duc and Alf!  I was really fresh. So we did not get any proper work done. Mostly just running around letting him blow off some steam!

Duc was better! Just a little stiff! Ha ha look how short stirrups I have

Niki had ridden Calla and Ice the whole weekend, so no need for me to ride them!

Really good to come home to my LOVE ❤️Francois

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