Tuesday, riding, meeting in Lausanne, riding and dinner date💑

Started my morning with a 4000m run in my neighborhood! Had my new sport clothes from Norway onDont know if I have a fever or if this thin Norrona jacket is really warm, cause I was sweating.. 

my home! Called Chalet my Ladi, Francois says is because I am his lady and my name is Eva Irene, that’s why a i is instead of y in the end of Ladi 😉

Then stables! The Giraffe Jumper was first out today! And here’s my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM pants in NAVY/BLUE, Kenzo longe sleeve tshirt, Gucci belt, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti passion boots! 

Me and the Giraffe went to ride Dressage on the cow filed! She was great! Really pushing with the hindlegs and I could collect her easy!

Next was Alf’i! He was a bit shocked to be back in the big pad, and saw loads of spooky things! But in the end he relaxed! Had to just ride him A LOT forward so he would not take slide stops when he got to his scary points! Hahaha! But it did go good after a while! 

Ice Tea time Amost a week since I rode him now! But Niki has done a good job! He was listening to me, calm and very well behaved, without being hysterical afraid of his mouth! I did mostly loosening dressage! A lot of moving him from the left leg and overbending him to the left 

Braids and details Ice Tea has always his hair braided when he is at home! He has a crazy thick mane, and I don’t like to pull his hairs out to make it thinner! So staying with braids all the time makes the mane stay one one side and he also looses some hair so it becomes thinner! 

Had to be quick and change my clothes cause me and Francois had some meetings to attend to in Lausanne! I took my black JEM pants, Gucci shirt, Chanel boots, bag and belt! Since I had no time to ride Duc before the meetings I thought it was a good idea to go with the black ridingpants 

MY KING 😍got grocerys and then back to ride Duc!

Just took my glitter boots of and put my Parlanti Passion boots on! Me and Duc had, on Francois request a session without stirrups! It gave me the opportunity to really get down in the saddle! Duc was really good, waiting for me, pushing with his hindlegs and soft in the mouth! 

Good night Duc and off to dinner date with ❤️Francois! So just off with my Parlanti boots and on with my Chanel boots again! That’s why it’s so convenient to have the JEM in black or navy, or JEM L, works as good for normal as for riding 😉

Black JEM



Back to present day! Dinner out with my 👑KING❤️

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