Wednesday and Belgium

Feeling a little sick but it did not stop me from my morning cardio. Just did not do as hard as I usually would do

Some errands to run and then to the stables! I started with forest ridning with Duc! My outfit: JEM L pants, Louis Vuitton belt and bracelet, Armani longe sleeved t-shirt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots! 

Me and Duc had some interval training, and he was socked in sweet after!  Niki have clipped him one week ago but he had really made himself fluffy again! He is already clipped two times after the summer!! And now it looks like he will need a 3. clipping

I called Niki when I was on the way back with Duc and she meet me with Alf’i 

Alf’i also had intervals, but every other fast and slow! My main goal was actually to let him have fun and relax! And he did! He was actually really happy! 

On our way back we meet Niki and her unicorn BFF, ICE❄️TEA

I took Ice Tea and Niki and Alf’i went back to the stables! 

For Ice Tea today, it was flat work over some jumps! He was relaxed already from the start! Forgot to tell you that after I rode Ice yesterday he went in the forest with Niki! She told me that he had been so relaxed and not runnning at all! And he was the same today! I also did a couple of jumps! First on a 8 over a little vertical 

And then a bigger vertical in speed from a short turn! He was great

Last one to ride was Calla, the Giraffe Jumper! I had planed the same work with her and the jumps like Ice Tea! Yesterday in the forest she got a loose shoe, but it was sticking on quite well, buuut when I started to gallop it fell off. So short training for her today! She has had a hoof abces on the front one year ago, so her, Duc, Picsou and Alf is a big No No to ride without front shoes. The farrier ia coming tomorrow morning so she took the rest of the day off! Had to zoom in her face, a bit disappointed over not jumping πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Had a appointment in Lausanne to get a ATA carnet for Picsou, so I went to do that, and Niki took care of Calla! 

After I got the ATA carnet I went to Mc Donald’s and got some food for the trip, Big Mac for Niki, and Chicken wrap for me! 

When I got back to the stable Niki had packed the trailer and made Picsou ready for our trip to Belgium and his CT scan! 

Proud girl and horse with New headcolor and rug with name on😍


Picsou on the trip: YEAH, you can feed me now, no problem πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

2 thoughts on “Wednesday and Belgium”

  1. ❀ Picsou, even if i dont know him , may he Feel better soon. He seems sad to be injured and who or what horse wouldn't ?
    But you take good care of him and that's nice to see ! β˜†

    Liked by 1 person

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