Friday, cardio and indoor riding 

Both me and Niki was tired today so we sleept long! 

I started my day with a long breakfast together with Janne and Francois! Followed by my cardio mouintain! Haha! The goat is back on his usual spot😂😍

I did some riding in the indoor today! 

First was Alf’i, I thought he was going to be more fresh but he was okey! My outfit, Armani sweater, JEM pants, Gucci belt and jacket, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep helmeti rode Alf’i just forward forward forward and as deep as possible! Good boy Alf! Fun fact, if the apples are to sour, Alf does not eat them, if they are starting to bebrown he does not eat it ether

Next was Ice Tea, don’t have any pictures of him today, but he had dressage, also deep, but had to do more transitions with him to make him wait! 

Then Calla, she was quite fresh, but behaved good! Was riding school when I rode her, and it was like 10 on the lesson + 3 of us riding. The indoor is quite small, so I had to navigate her safely around the small ponies, but it went well and in the end and she was relaxed and super!

Last one to ride was Duc! It was two really small jumps in the indoor from the riding school and Duc kept gliding towards them! When I was making some side movements over the diagonal he just took the opportunity to jump one of them 😂 Anyway, he was good Finished off the day with gym time with ❤️Francois

Yes, and we got the report from the CT scan of Picsou. It was actually not bad, he will recieve 3 times shock waves because of a minor supensory orgin problem and then he should be okey to go 

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