Saturday, BUSY 

Started my Saturday by fixing some surprises for Francois birthday! 😍 had some meetings and this is my outfit: 

JEM pants in black! Has become a favorite! Chanel, shoes, bag, shirt, beltEven put the F for Francois on the Chanel pendant 

Some errands and shopping to do in town  Before I meet up with ❤️Francois and Janne to get some groceries! Then riding, started with Alf’i! Tried a new bit today! And he LOVED IT! 

Did a lot of changing the rhythm in all gates! Also on poles, rode on 19 meters, 3-4-5-6 strides! He was really super super super 

Janne was waking around with Ice’i while I was riding Alf! And when Af was done she took him to the stables where Nike was and I worked with Ice Tea! 

Ice Tea was loaded! It is colder now and he felt like a bomb! He never does anything but it just took a while longer for me to get him to that totally mind and body zen place! When he did he was super 

Me and Duc went for Gallop in the woods as he of course was happy about! Janne meet us on the way home and rode him also on a long walk, while I took the short cut back to ride Calla before it was completely dark! 

Since I started late today I saved Calla for last! I can really trust the Giraffe so even if it is dark she will be super ! Hahaha these pictures! She covers my head with her head!

Before I was done it was completly dark! But she was a goood girl and worked well the whole time! Most focus on straightness today 

Me and ❤️Francois are now going to have a romantic Saturday at home❤️

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