Sunday, packing and jumping 

Started the day with the normal protein pancakes breakfast together with ❤️Francois and Janne! Then I packed my clothes because we are doing some shows in Spain now! 

Took my clothes with me to the stables and put them in the truck, started to pack some of the horse stuff with Niki and Janne also!

Then we build a curse and it was all set for jumping! 

Started with Alf! My purpose of the training today was to be able to have a big ground canter but still haveing the horse together on his hindlegs on hr jumps! So it started with a vertical on the middle, big gallop to a gate, then the gymnastic line, long way big gallop to a Oxer, then around the turn to a triple bar and 4 strides to a vertical! 

Alf was really good and we have a good feeling before the show! Jumped him on the new bit, and are excited to try it at the show also

Next was Ice Tea, still loaded! He had even been on a ride with Niki this morning! But he had energy! The challenge was to be able to ride forward without making him hot and long! Went good! I had Mede jump NR 1 to a Trott jump and trotted him over it every time in the course if he got hot! 

Next was going to be Duc, but he had lost a front shoe so he had hand walking with Janne instead! 

So only the Giraffe left! She is just so rideable! Can ride her like this to the  jumps!she was top, but we did not get much done before lightning and thunder came. So short training for her today!

Other than that me and ❤️Francois just staid home, since I am away next week we wanted some alone time! Like dancing, looking in each other’s eyes, romantic stuff! ❤️LOVE HIM❤️ me with navy JEM pants, Gucci bag and shirt 

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