Tuesday and arriving in Spain

The travels went well! Niki was super brave and drove the Yaris by herself!

I had help of a driver, Aurelio! He was not so grumpy as he looks at the picture! 😂 he was actually very very nice! 

On the trip I took care of the horses and helped with the driving! 

Me and Aurelio had a good trip! He was laughing so much when he saw himself in the snap chat filters!we were joking all the time, and when he asked me where Niki came from, I told him she is Spanish! Because she has dark brown thick hair! And he said NOoooO, not Spanish! I said why, because she does not speak Spanish? He said : speak okey, not Spanish because Spanish women are not so fast, Spanish women are slow, not stressed and more aggressive!😂

We arrived the same time as Niki! And all of us was well! I took Duc Aurelio took Alf’i And Niki took Ice’i happy that Ice Tea arrived without any harm! -and the bandages I put on staid well up! 

We all helped with packing out! Me and my new truck driver dress, and the old Chanel espadrilles! Still uses them for “dirty jobs” 

The rest of the day went by with packing out and getting everyting in its place 

Niki walked the horses! We went to drop of Aurelio at the airport and got groceries! 

Mc Donald’s for me and Niki in the truck this evening 

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