Wednesday, training jumping 🐴💖⭐

Started the day with salad breakfast in the truck followed by some training jumping with Alf’i! 

Here’s me and Alf’i today! My outfit: JEM L pants, and totally red and green Gucci all over! 

Niki followed us up, incase Alf’i was scared😂he has his head all the way down with her hand, like sniffing it, or feeling safe with his nose against it! Sweet!

Alf’i was really calm! Actually best in a long time! He was down and low with his head, perfect in the mouth and both sides! He was pushing with the hindlegs and moved easy for my leg! Happy! Jumped amazing in the warm up and in the ring! HAPPY! Me and Alf’i waiting for our turn! Jumpig in the ring! 

Next one was Ice Tea! He was loaded!!! I mean it! From the minute he sat his hoof in the warm up, he was like: WOW!!! IM HEAR! SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES WITH RUNNING FAST WITH EVA😍

I was more like please relax, please be calm? No? Okey 1 million transitions are coming your way Ice’i❄️❄️! So after those he got not more calm, but atleast he started to wait! I did some Trott jumping in the warm up, yeah, that’s my new thing with Ice Tea! Thank you Sylve! So the warm up jumping went good! Buuuuut, when we came in the ring, he got a rocket in his ass, fire in the tale and just went for it! We had to take the snaffle rein off and ride only in the gag! Then it went okey! I would say in the end it went good! Only thing is, he can be to sensitive with the gag rein, but to strong with the both reins.. so what to compete with tomorrow? 

Next one was Duc! Catch frase from modern family, Gloria about Mannie! He’s my perfect little angel boy! So of course he did not need any training jumping! Just flat work for the perfect little angel boy😍Duc

Duc was really good today also, fresh but not strong, soft in both sides! Worked a lot on galloping in a forward powerful gallop and being able to collect him easy! We also meet some friends and walked around together 😃Duc😍 and his eskadron climatex bandages!

My BFF Hannah Åkerblom is here and I have given her a pair of JEM L pants! Here we are posing together!Hannah in the pants Later me and Niki eat and watched a movie in the truck! Before we went we made sure the guys had loads of hay and water 

Around 16.30 Niki went with the chestnuts to the vet check

While Niki was on the vet check I went for a run on the beach At one place ther is a bridge, and loads of people was feeding Ducks! So cutewas almost dark when I was done!For dinner today we had Mc Donald’s in the truck, haha No, not today also! We went to my favorite restaurant Hollywood! Look how good Niki looks in her JEM L pants and Calvin Klein tshirt!!I decided to just go Gucci for the rest of the day! 


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