Thursday and Showjumping 

Started the day to mornig ride Alf’i! Niki and Alf was waiting for me like this when I came me and Alf! My outfit: JEM pants in Bordeaux, Louis Vuitton tshirt, belt and bracelet, Parlanti Passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet Alf’i and me whent up to one of the warm up rings and had flatwork! Some other riders had put out some poles so we could ride over Alf’i was really relaxed and super! He responded well going forward and coming back to collect with his neck forward! Happy!

Next one was Ice Tea! He was still quite hot! So we were back to the 1 million transition again.. only had to do 200 before he listen! At least then he was soft and good in both sides, and I did not have to worry about him not pushing with his hindlegs enough, when he’s in this mood he is very active behind! He was totally wet after! 

Duc did not jump today but had dressage! Worked him more easy today !

I feed the horses lunch And took some JEM L pants in my bag for a walk hoping to find some customers 

The first class for me today was the big class on the grass with Ice Tea! The course was quite difficult today, I had 3 down. 

Ice Tea was listening to me a lot more than this morning atleast 

Next one was Alf’i in the Oliva ring! 130, it went really well! We were clear and was placed as NR 10 in the class If I don’t have to run to the next class I take good time to Trott of the horses! Really deep and low until they are 100% relaxed in their body and mind 

My BFF Hannah was placed 5 in the big class on the grass so we celebrated her success😍 SO HAPPY FOR HER Haha, check out how me and Hannah “ride” 

Horses enjoying their evening foodAnd I went for a run 

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