Friday and ribbon for Alf’i today also 🏅

Day started with breakfast in the truck, followed with some morning riding with Alf’i! Had to have my show clothes on cause I was jumping the 140 with Duc at 09.30Alf was really good today also! Totally relaxed from the beginning! Better than at home actually!

BTW, Check out Hannah with her JEM ONE SEEM black/pinkSo 140 with Duc, had a couple of poles, but some jumped he jumped really really good! Like this oxer NR3, I jumped king totally on a angle and he had loads of air! I must give him more space in front of all the jumps tomorrow to be clear! And make sure he is on the hindlegs jumping upAfter Ducs class was finished the class of Alf’i started, 135! Alf was incredible, clear again and we got a 6 place! He jumped in the Valencia ring, was really cool and not spooky at all 

Quick lunch for me, Niki and the horses Alf and Alf, one of the Alf’s has ice on his feet 

Then Plating and stud putting for the ranking class with Ice Tea! Me making the plaits, and Niki the studs

Show time! How it went, not even gonna talk about it! Just no grass jumping for him tomrrow!!even the we took after the class was 😂😂😂😂😂 me with camel toeand both Niki and Ice, showing that angle on the picture is everything 

Niki took super good care of the horses and I cleaned the truck! It’s easy that it becomes dirty when you walk in and sometimes has shavings on your socks or sometimes don’t even take your shoes off..

In the evening I went for a run on the beach. And for dinner with my Bff Hannah and her boyfriend Isak! She’s wearing her JEM L pants! Want a boyfriend like Isak? Buy JEM L, you will look super hot 

Me and Hannah, both wearing JEM L

Really good food Mean while at home: I have bought ❤️Francois tickets to a Jazz concert in Zurich with one of his favorite, Candy Dulfer! And also a night at a 5* hotel renaissance! Top hotel! With spa! As a early birthday presents 😍 My BFF Janne went with him and send me this picture from the concert Happy that they are having a good time

3 thoughts on “Friday and ribbon for Alf’i today also 🏅”

  1. I was laughing so much about ‘camel toe’ ahahaha, hilarious! Equestrian problems, right? I also always check and fix my breeches when I get off the horse… I love that you are so genuine and feet on the ground, not showing only the top perfect things! You’re cool :)) Fingers crossed for the upcoming shows 😉

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