Saturday in Spain 

Same same same! Started the day with Dressage on Alf’i! He had a day off from the show today! 

So Alf had a little harder training today! First really long and low, then more collected and loads of side movements! He was really good! Took also the chance to really gallop him forward! Was riding in the flat work area, so since nobody is jumping there, it’s space to really gallop! 

Next one was Ice Tea! Niki came up with him he had some stretching dressage to get relaxed before his class later he was really good, so I had hopes for a good round later 

Last one was Duc, he had some flatwork before his class also! Focused on really getting him on the hindlegs! Good workout before the class this afternoon! Outfit: JEM L pants, Chanel belt and t-shirt, KEP ITALIA helmet, and Parlanti Passion boots 

Lunch for us and the horses! And then Duc’s class! By then it has started to be a lot of rain and lightning and thunder! So me and Duc decided not to jump, his class was on the grass. Niki taking good care of a vet Duc 😍

When it was Ice Tea’s turn to jump the weather had gotten a little better, still raining. But Ice and me was schedualed for a sand ring so we rode! It was a Longine World Ranking class, a Jump Off class! It went okey today, not clear but better! 

Me and Niki went to Hollywood to eat dinner ! I had my usual dish, and Niki had a burger We also went a quicky to check out the shops at the mall! My outfitDoing a Dior theme today Non of us found something to buy although it was a lot of nice stuff

We did get some Frozen yogurt 

We got some groceries and snacks also! When we got back to the truck I went for a evening run, and Niki took care of the guys! I did night check and carrot refill 😉

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