Sunday and 140 with Alf’i 

Started this morning with some morning riding with Alf’i! When I came to he stables I had brought with me some breakfast for Niki!It was almost no one riding that early.

He was really fresh today. It’s a little cold in the morning here, so today the riding took some time before he relax! 

After Alf’i, the class of Duc started! We had hind boots on Duc in the warm up but took them off in to the riding! I wanted him to make some more efforts with the hindlegs and jumpig with hindboots a couple of times would help that! He hates hindboots and in the class on Friday I had instead some poles with the front legs. So remind him of his hindlegs in the warm up! Jump in the ring without hindboots so he also can focus on his front legs! Had a good round with one unlucky pole down. 

The walk the course and on Alf’i again! He jumped 140 today! He was really flying, we had two down, totally my mistake!

Today Ice Tea had the day totally off! He was only hand walking! No riding! Handwalking 3 times for him today! Think he needed one day to relax and think a little! He got ice on his legs anywayhaha, gave him this GIANT carrotYeah, of course Duc and Alf also got some carrots for Lunch! HAPPYMe and Hannah talking about the course before she is going to ride 

When she was finished, we watched the Grand Prix together! The weather was really good toda, warm when the sun is up! 😍JEM L PANTS

After that it was time for some evening cuddles with the horses! If you have not bought one pair of JEM L riding pants jet, you should really order them!!

Me and Hannah has boxes right next to each other! So cozy to live so close to my BFF!I finished up the evening with a evening run and some film watching in the truck 

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