Wendsday and jumping at Pius Schwizer’s place 


Started my morning early with breakfast with modern family since Francois was snoozing! Made meal prep last night and ❤️Francois❤️ breakfast is ready in the fridge! And my stuff are packed for a eventful day! Since today we are going to Pius to jump! 

But first my cardio! Lovely way to start the day! For new readers, it’s about 7km up a mouintain from 0 to 1300m, burns 900 kcal the weather was amazing! 

Then to the stables! My outfit! This cute chasmire pullover I got from Christmas last year, love he little bow 🎀 on the neck ! JEM ONE SEEM riding pants in black pink, Hermes bracelet and belt 

Started with riding some dressage on Alf’i! Since he can be a bit spooky and tense I wanted to make him totally relaxed before we loaded him and Ice Tea to go to Pius! He was actually perfect already from start, rode about 25 min! Check out my new Gucci scarf in hot pink After riding Alf’i refused a Pink lady apple.. he preferes Carrots, or those yellow/light green apples. Not real green once, to sour for him 😂

I made Alf’i ready to go and Niki made Ice ready to go! When I was doing my cardio she walked Picsou, longed Duc and took care of Jill!

Brought with me the sticky spray just in case! Had a quick stop at Mc Donald’s on our way Truck driver 😉🙋Arriving at Pius, and realizing that to organize the truck must be on the to do list! I was going to ride Alf first, but we took both horses out at the same time. Many times the horse that gets left in the truck becomes nervous when the other horses goes out, so a good idea is to take Them all out and put them back again! Then they don’t get the feeling of being alone and left and the instinct of being alone does not appear! Maybe it does not make sense, but it works! 

I was not suppose to have a lesson with Pius because I have my own perfect trainer Sylve Søderstrand, but Pius came out to help, and that was really kind so I got two lessons! Alf’i jumped great and Pius loved him! We did not jump him high because he will jump higher next week. I tacked off Alf, and Niki tacked on Ice Tea! Alf waiting for a shower

Ice Tea on the other had jumped high at the show and are going to jump lower next time, and I needed to train some big jumps with him, so we did! Me listening to what Pius says Ice Tea scooping over a small vertical ❤️Francois❤️ was watching from Armins house And helping out with Alf’i ! LOVE MY MAN❤️

Pius riding house Little chat before we went homePit stop on the wayWe arrived safe back to the stables! Horses has been tucked in, and I have just finished some work with the riding pants, now it’s time for cuddles and some tv with Francois before bed! 

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