Thursday and saddle trying 

Mmmmmm pro pud, for breakfast! Only one left though! Must ask my parents to send more 

Then off to my walk! Meet these guys up! Love it when they are loose and jump around everywhere 

After my walk I had to get something in Vevey for Francois B-day this weekend and took the chance to stop by Starbucks! 

Got one expresso for me and one caramel for Niki

Niki had been out with Ice Tea in the morning and went to get Francois at the buss, since we can’t drive the Ferrari s in the winter and I had the Mercedes and Niki the Yaris, Francois took the bus to come down! They went to Landi for some horse food and I saddled Alf’i (who was the first one I rode) myself! Look how  cute him and Duc was when I came 😍

Me and Alf went for a trail ride! Good for him after jumping yesterday! He was a bit spooky though! He is curious and want to go but is a bit “OooOoh” also

When me and Alf came back Niki was almost finished prepairing DucAnd here’s me and Alf! My outfit: JEM pants in Navy, Burberry pullover, gucci scarf and belt, KEP ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion Boots! So Duc was next and he got some hard core dressage! I have been a lot  focused on riding him straight inside the fence line, so today I actually had to train on getting him out in the corners! Did also 3 poles with 13 m between, 4+3 strides, 3+3 strides, 3+4 strides and so on! And since it’s no stirrups November I also did it 

Francois had read online that there is a saddle brand called MEYER, that are specialist in making the saddle in such a way that the horse gets his spine free, and totall shoulder free’nes. So Francois had booked him to come today to make a saddle for Alf! 

❤️Francois was quite excited about it! And I am VERY grateful that I have a man like ❤️Francois who can do these things, and also find it! 

I got hungry after the saddle trying and eat the rest of my Lunch box! Btw, this is how I usually eat my lunch😂🙋Last one to ride was the Giraffe! She was a good girl like always!  I’m feeling I have to put more focus on riding her straight again, aaah! When you get the horse straight and then you ride to relaxed and then you have to focus again! 

Just had to post this pic also, if my rein was tight I am sure I would have gotten a lot of Rollkur comments! Was just a brief moment

Me and ❤️Francois went to get groceries, and some Christmas lights for the chalet! 

Been to the Gym! My outfit before sweat! 

After sweating 

Now it’s time for dinner! 

8 thoughts on “Thursday and saddle trying ”

  1. Never heard of the sadle brand Myre.
    But if you not try it, you don’t know it.
    Most of the time people stick with there brands. But I can say: after 30 years of pikeur riding pants, I was so very suprised by the JEM L pants.
    It is the first time I don’t have wounds on the inside of my legs after riding. And that’s was such a relief!!!
    So I can only recommended dare to change with a brand.

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