Friday and Dentist 

Omg! Last protein Pud today, gotten a little addicted to them! So my breakfast, one glass of Pepsi Max, 0.5L water salmon salad and protein pud! 

After breakfast it was cardio time! On top, been warmer this week so almost all the snow is gone! Was so tired up today! Had to go early cause of the dentist appointment! After the cardio I meet Francois at the dentist! We have the same dentist and always take our appointments together! Francois is really brave at dentist! I am not afraid but I don’t really like it ether! Fun fact, I never had a hole in my teeth in my whole life 😉⭐Francois went home, and I went to pick up my new vintage Dior that was at the tailor in Lausanne! Got some Starbucks for me and Niki also 

Then horse time! First Alf’i! And here is my outfit! JEM L pants/-Went totally all in on Red and Green Gucci today! KEP ITALIA helmet and Parlanti passion boots! 

JEM L! Love the big pocket for the iPhone! If you want to buy a JEM L pants you can send me a email: evaursin@yahoo.no , price is 120 euro + 10 euro shipping 

Alf did the same work as Duc yesterday! When the poles! He was really great! So easy to ride today! POLE 14 m POLE 14m POLE , Alf could even do 5strides + 3 strides. And 3+ 5! Top boy 

Haha! Alf wanted to go to the toilet after training So Ice Tea was next, and here you go, a super awkward picture of us😂😂😂😂😂Ice Tea had the same training as Alf, but had really difficulties making the 3 strides in balance. He makes 5 easy, but 3 staying in the shape without running was a problem. Need to work a LOT on this 

Next was Duc, he had a trainig with a lot of collected canter! When I want to collect the canter he wants to put his ass in to the left! Important that I get him to canter straight so he works correct! Got really sweaty, so he got a warm spunch bath and tucked in with cooling rugs after 

Last one to ride was Calla! We had dressage inside! She was almost straight again in her body today after the riding! It was riding school at the same time but still feel I got a good training! Great to have the indoor mirror to look in so I could see that she really was straight! 

Niki had walked Picsou in the morning and I went to pet him a little! Love these walker rugs since we have these boxes where the horses can go in and out as they want during the day! Ice Tea was also well tucked in after training! Btw, I always check the water cups of the horses when I go in to a box! It is a good rule to always make sure the horse has clean water and did not shit in it or something  

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