Monday at Beau Rivage Palace 

Woke up in the really comfy bed in the arms of my love at the hotel in Lausanne! 

Went down for breakfast around 9.15Really good breakfast! 

My breakfast outfit 😍

After eating way too much we went back to bed and staid there to about 13.15 time for check out 

Went home, packed out and then stables! Stable outfit! JEM L riding pants, Ralph Lauren pullover, Gucci belt and scarf Picsou got shock wave treatment, and I can start to ride him soon!! Maybe a week or two 😍

I rode Calla! She was great but they had training to the Christmas show in the indoor so it was limited what I could do 

Took pictures for my big sale: 

In the evening we went to the gym And out for dinnersorry for boring post, but the rest of the week will be all about Spain, and that will be more interesting 😉

3 thoughts on “Monday at Beau Rivage Palace ”

  1. Uansett om det er hest, klær, Starbucks eller deg og francoise på bloggen , koser jeg meg alltid når jeg leser den! Du er en inspirasjon for mange! Fortsett slik 🙂 du er forresten på toppen av “ofte besøkt” på safarien min! Lykke til på stevnet 😃

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