Tuesday and back to Spain

Woke up early and snuggled with ❤️Francois❤️ before he drown me to the train! Early and a bit cold in Suisse now! Does not matter, it’s the best to be with my darling❤️

Had to fly from Geneva to Zurich first today, before my plane to Spain! So found some treasures at the airport 

When I arrived in Spain I took the Yaris from the airport and went directly to the stables! Started with Alf’i today! I was traveling with my JEM L pants, so when I came here I just put my boots on and changed my shirt! Anyway, was expecting a very spooky Alf, but he was good! Just to be sur he would not be to fresh tomorrow I galloped him a lot, even some rounds in full speed! 

Next one was Ice Tea, 

He was a bit strong today, and wanted to run in the gallop. I had planed just to ride him a little since he already had been on the beach one time with Niki today. But no, he needed some time. He became a lot better in the end I have to say! 

Last one was Duc, almost dark when I rode him, so he did not get so much workSo it was just some basic walk, Trott, gallop with head down! 

Mean while at home! The BEST ❤️FRANCOIS❤️ is the world is holding Picsou while Daniel is giving him shock waves treatment 

Before I could go on the sofa and watch tv in the truck I had some to do things, like empty the toilet and fill water on the truck! Also cleaned up a little!  

Went for a power walk/run and now I’m in the sofa, watching a film! Soon bedbtw, this is what I was so lucky to get today

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