Sunday and packing 

Alf’s class started early this morning so no mornig riding for him! A 140 against the clock! He was relaxed and super in the warm up! In the ring I started out in a little to fast rhythm so he got flat and we got two down. I took the phase down after and we jumped what rest of the round clear in a good way! We tacked off Alf quick together, Niki gave him a shower and ice and packed everyting in the tack box while I went to pay! 

Then both of us watched the GP! My BFF was jumping so I was watching some horses for her to tell her if the distances between the jumps was short of long! Her boyfriend and her groom putting on the hind boots while she goes trough the course in her head! That is something I also do, visualize how I want to ride the course  She has a great round with two down! Really a pitty, because she rode super and the horse jumped super as well Check us out! Wearing my JEM riding pants in white 

After that it was time to pack all the equipment in to the truck and make it ready for the horses to travel I the night Before it was evening for us, we walked the horses a long time! And I putted on bandages on them so they will be ready to put in the truck tonight at 01.00 am 

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