Friday and weekend💑

Me and ❤️Francois up early this morning so we had to do a quick breakfast and headed for the stables

Niki had already walked the horses before I came so we took the tack box out together and then I rode Alf’i! I was expecting him to be WILD so we let him loose a little first in the big paddock! He really enjoyed running around on his own! And here’s my outfit, JEM ONE SEEM riding breeches in Navy/blue, Ralph Lauren sweater, Louis Vuitton belt, Parlanti Passion riding boots and KEP Italia riding helmet  When I got on him to ride he was totally relaxed! Head down and really being perfect! No spook! Rode a easy pass, with walk Trott and canter with his head down nose out and just focused about being loose!

Next was Ice Tea! He also got the chance to be loose a little and then I rode him the same way as Alf! But a little different, i ride Alf more forward, and make Ice Tea wait more I am so happy with all the wight Ice Tea has put on 😅 Then the Giraffe Jumpe, she was also great! Fun to ride since she always responds so easy to the legs, are soft in the mouth and have a good natural balance  Last to ride today was Duc! ❤️Francois was here to watch and to give me a lesson with Duc He did not need to be loose today, he is such a sweet horse, and if he was going to make some wild business he makes a little scream first😂😍 Duc was also very good today! The job was a little in the middle of Alf and Ice, cause Duc needs to be ridden forward and really stay light in front! When I was finished riding I cuddle a little with Picsou and then me and Francois went home to have lunch!

Healthy lunch made by me! Packed and showered! And headed for CHI GENEVA!

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