Sunday and interval training and CHI GENÈVE

Woke up really early this Sunday morning! needed to do some high speed training with the horses, and that’s best done when it is not so many people walking where we gallop! Also, I am sleeping at the CHI GENÈVE official hotel Starling, so had to go early to make it to ride and see the show!

Started with Alf’i! He really loved going full speed! And is so relaxed after! Before I start the full speed interval  training, I walk a long time, Trott and gallop slow! When I do full speed interval I don’t canter as long time as I do when I do long interval! With Alf’i I also did this, 300 m full speed, 500 m slow, 300 full speed! A happy Alf on his way back! I walk beside him and give him treats 😋he’s so cute! To be as effective as possible Niki went out with Ice Tea so I meet her on my way back, so we could get all of them galloped before people start to walk on the trail!

I quickly put in Alf and took Duc! Duc was already ready, Niki has saddled both him and Ice after I had went out with Alf!

As I told you, Duc is not in as good shape as the others so I took a different route, on the other side of the river so I would not meet Ice Tea and Niki that was doing long time and hard like Alf and me! I did not want to meet them because I don’t want Ice Tea and Duc to start to race against each other. This can easy happen when we are going full speed! Duc got totally wet from sweat fast and I was back again before Niki and Ice! I put his noseband like this so he could easy eat carrots on his way home! We don’t have warm water in the hose at the stables so when it’s winter and the horses are sweat I use a bucket with warm water to spunch them off with! The bucket is marked in a good way so nobody puts soap in it! Since soap that does not get flushed good off the horse can give a bad rash! I have a own bucket and spunch for soap waterThen time for sweat rugs! And this is the combination I use for drying them in the winter! Important that they stay warm while drying! First fleece blanket with high neck over a thick woolrug <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
s in place a rug with cross bands under the belly! And Duc also got ice on his feet as usual after training <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
d tacked up Calla for me! And I headed out with Cali! She became very tired also, cause she did not do any high puls work for a while, and I have been in Spain so she has just been exercise ridden!

When I got back I have some terrible blisters in a very uncomfortable spot so I took care of Picsou while Niki Took Jill! Picsou got a good brush down and a hair cut! 😍LOVE HIM💖 he also got his white hoof moisturizer! When I got him my black smith told me he had in the past had a lot of problems with cracks in his hoofs, so this one keeps them from coming back! And the people who took care of him before he came to me did a great job to get the cracks away from the hoofs!

Scrubbed the feet and hoofs with magic brush and baby soap first! Then fast in the car and went back to Geneva to have hotel breakfast together with ❤️Francois! JUST MADE IT- Before breakfast closed at 11!I’m wearing a Roland Mouret outfit, skirt and top! You can find it here! A top cost between 500-900 euro and a skirt is from 500-1500 euro! A good alternative if you want luxury designer clothes but not spring for a Chanel/Dior/Gucci

https://www.rolandmouret.comAfter eating all that it was time for me and Francois to go to the gym! I was so full I did not do any high pulse training today Had a rest and a quick shower and then we headed for he show to watch the Rolex Grand Prix! Really difficult course today! Here is the results!!Here me and Francois was sitting! We really had a good time! Since ❤️Francois has been in the world of Showjumping for so many years he knows everybody and everybody knows him! So we had a good time talking to riders and owners! Now we are home and going to have some left over lasagne for dinner and I’m gonna use the app to draw the Instagram JEM give away soon!

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