Monday and dinner in Lausanne

Started the day with a run in the neighborhood at home! Then the stables! First up today was the Giraffe! She had some much needed stretching from yesterday’s hard core training! She was a bit stiff in the beginning, but after 15 min she was her super self againNext one was Alf’i, he was totally calm today, alsmost slow in the reaction for the leg! Not spooky at all, normal him after a day where he could empty his energy a little! He was also a bit stiff in the beginning and then good!

Then Ice Tea! He was so stiff I thought he was lame at first 😂 but after a good 10 min he was himself again! I asked Daniel out vet to come and check him just in case when he anyway was in the stables to give Picsou shock waves!

much blister and could not sit in the saddle more after I was half finished with Ice! So I asked Niki to take him for a relaxing trail ride! While Niki was out with Ice I walked with Duc, I really could not sit one more min in the saddle today! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
went to Lausanne for meetings and some shopping <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
s for my blisters, so hopefully with these underwear I can ride normal tomorrow. 😂😂😂I have only beautiful underwear with lace and now I have blisters, on the inside of my tigh. Probably did not have to share that with you guys, at least you'll get a good laugh  the gorgeous red jacket I am wearing is from Horse Pilot! They have a lot of amazing riding gear!

You can buy it here:


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