We staid in bed way to long this morning, and after I had some office work to do, so I was not in the stables for after 12.

Started with taking some Pictures of Ice Tea and me in the JEM L pants! Posting 100 of them! Haha, I think they turned out well! Was doing a red and green Gucci theme, belt, shoes , socks, scarf I seriously LOVE these pants! Amazing for normal and riding! 120 euro, until the web shop is ready you can order them directly from me! Just email me:


Today it was dressage and flat work for Ice! I think I told you before that he had problems doing 3 strides little forward without running on the canter poles? Where Duc and Alf easy did 3-4-5, Ice Tea did easy 4-5-6, but problems on 3. So I had shorten the distance one meter, and started to practice! First many times 4, then 3, it went good! Big focus on keeping him with me, rideable and soft with 3 big equal power steps in between! 

Next was Alf’i! He had the same job and did it easy! For him and me it was more if a challenge to keep him around the inside leg in the turn, enough so he is soft, but straight enough so I have control of the outside! When I did it perfect I had a easy stride to the first pole! Perfection is in the details! Then Duc time! Same work here, or the poles went easy, good, was waiting, was straight! But to keep the same energized canter the whole way around the arena was more difficult! It is a fine line between me engaging him, and him just taking speed!   Then Calla! Look at her, not so optimistic about riding today😂😂but when the saddle and me came on, she was happy again! So much energy today with her! She really wanted to work, and was pushing so much with the hind it was difficult to sit down in Trott! 

After riding it was time for my cardio mouintain! It was dark when I was up, had to use the flash light on my phone the last way up! Warm and nice in the train down 

In the evening it was the normal, gym! 

Just had to post this pic form our JEM and JEM ONE SEEM photo shoot! It’s such a fun photo and I LOVE those pants? What model/ color is your favorite? 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday ”

  1. U look super cute! Im from NY, and to me U are a IT girl! would be fun if you’ll do a post on what you think a IT girl should have? Like the Cartier Love bracelets 🙂 like Jess Springsteen and all the cool kids have!

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