Hi Guys! I am now making a short post about Duc’S bits!

Cause he has a few! 

In dressage and flatwork I prefer to ride all horses in a loose ringed snaffle! 


Because it has 0 elevation effect, and you can truly work the horse in a correct way, no cheating, to achieve the most ideal shape, with activity behind and straight horse, for each individual! 

If you ride with draw reins you can easily pull the horse head down so his head is in the position you want, but it does not mean that he is working corectly with the back 

If you ride with a Pessoa bit, the bit has a elevation effect that goes on the horses neck and you can also pull the head down. So when you ride with a Pessoa bit and you look down at your horse and see that his head is where you wish, then pay attention to the activity in the back and the hindlegs 

A little bit of the same principe applies to the use of a Pelham! All these bits are super to use for jumping, but if you can it’s ideal to ride dressage and school on a normal snaffle! It’s 1000 different pelhams, and I would say it is a very popular bit! Fun fact: I have only been able to compete and ride one horse ever on a Pelham! His name was Kungen! After him me and the horses I have been riding have not been able to get a good connection with each other on a Pelham!

So back to Duc and his bits! 

Him and Picsou share two bridels for dressage, both with loose ring snaffle! I am able to school and work him easy on the flat with this bit at home 

For jumping at home Duc and me have the most fun and best communication with this bit and bridel! The little gag, and with protective latex around!

For shows first day, the thong dispenser (uses for the horse in order to keep the thong still) can also help some horses concentrate better! Here you can see Casall Ask and Rolf Göran Bengtsson with the thong dispenser on 

As you can see on theis picture there is no rein in the thonge dispencer! So first day at the show I ride with this bridel and this bit togerther with the thonge dispenser. 

Pay also attention to the nose bands! These nose bands are quite sharp! I don’t tighten them, but they are a boundary so he can open the mouth to a surten point but not vide open! It’s a rope noseband and a low noseband

Next day if he was strong on that combination of the bit, nosebands and thonge dispenser I use this one! (Sorry about the carrot bites that is stuck in the bit) 

Duc has more respect for this bit so then I put a more gentle nose band on. Gentle or gentle, the Mexican noseband is the only noseband you can lock the gaw with, but I don’t tighten it that was so no worries! 

I also have this one as a back up, bit I did not use it in years so I almost dont remember how he was to ride on it! But I think me and Janne had the rein in the “snaffle” in the warm up and in the gag but the loop when I went in  the ring , to make it a little bit stronger there! 

All Duc’s bits for jumpig 

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