Thursday, Jumping and hotel with my 👑King❤️

Late update! But me and ❤️Francois has been having quality time

Me and ❤️Francois woke up early! Jumping on the schedule today and since the outdoor is full of snow we had to jump inside! It’s so much snow and the horses here does not have studs so all horses at the stables have to move in one of the indoors or the round pen at some point of the day. So we had to start early to have the change to jump!

We build a course and started with Duc!

He had to jump a cavaletti 3.3m vertical, 3.5m cavaletti! Since Duc is on his way to get in better shape this help him to jump up from the ground with some space to the vertical and land bouncy! Then I jumped the vertical the other way and 3 strides down to this oxer, and also the gymnastic lineNext was Alf’i! He was so good today! Very bouncy in the canter, quite relaxed and jumped very well! I started directly by jumping the cavaletti vertical cavaletti 3 strides to the oxer, that I made as a vertical as first! Went very good! Course jumping jumps are so easy for Alf’i! He does not enjoy the gymnastic line, but it makes him stronger so he must do it anyway! My 👑King❤️Francois❤️ instructed me when the jumping. And also gave the horses carrots after training Next was Ice Tea, some one told me he was schooled in the old system, slow in the turn and 1 2 3 full speed forward attack the jump! And he feels like that. I want him to gallop the turn and wait for the jump! So 3 strides line is his Yo JO LETS GO! So when I made the plan of today’s exercises with the vertical with the pole in front and behind on a 3 strides line to a oxer I really had training Ice Tea in mind! I will do it without the Cavaletti soon! Ice Tea did really good today Please look at my Christmas Sweater with lights on! It seriously has lights!

Good boy Ice Tea Next was Calla! She did everything easy, even though it’s not a big space for her in the indoor! She was soft and great in both sides so a star for Niki for riding her super yesterday! When The Giraffe was finishes eating carrots we build out the jumps! I even had a Instagram live stream when I was brushing Picsou

😂Then riding Picsou! He feels okey and are very fresh! Good signs

After the stables me and ❤️Francois went to this hotel in Basel! Tomorrow we are attending a concert! Us ready to go to dinner! I am wearing my new Gucci outfit, shirt and skirt, also Gucci bag, bag I have had for ca 2-3 years! Still awesome We had a lovely dinner on a place they belong to the hotel but was like 800 m from it! So the hotel offered us a free BENTLY car service Car was painted in crazy colors!

We eat at a Italian restaurant with a Michelin star

Best tomato soup I have ever tasted Us at the restaurant

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